A New Opportunity to Get Our Hearts in Shape

This time of the new year we have a tendency to focus on getting our bodies in shape. Well, I am here to offer us another option that is desperately needed for the health of humanity — right now.

How about we get our hearts in shape from a loving perspective. We can exercise our hearts each day by committing to primarily love and forgive ourselves. We can exercise our hearts so that our first reaction will be an action of understanding instead of blaming one another.  We can exercise our hearts each second of the day to love one another no matter what our external differences are. Thereby making the heart so strong and so capacity-filled that it can handle enormous amounts of love for all humanity on a daily basis.

This week let us open our hearts to each one that comes along our way. For the more we exercise our hearts by being loving and understanding, the more we will see each other as the Miracles we are.

For when you see yourself as a Miracle, you will see your neighbor as a Miracle.

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One Response to A New Opportunity to Get Our Hearts in Shape

  1. Claudia Bryan says:

    This is really a wonderful movement. I and my 2 daughters need this.

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