This Website

This website was created from a global perspective because of a tremendous lack in our culture and in the world.  More importantly, from a personal perspective, it started with a tremendous lack in my own life. For the majority of my life, I did not realize nor acknowledge my inherent value as a human being.  I did not recognize my worth just as I am. I always sought to work my way to love and validations through being the best, being the good little girl, and trying with all of my heart to please everybody within my sphere of community.  Simply, in my heart of hearts, I thought …  I was not good enough.

Within the last few years, I have come to realize that my worthiness is not appraised through external means.  I forged a personal mission to share, inform, and speak from my heart about my experiences of “lacking” with my children, who are adults now, so they could avoid some of my pit falls. Today, I am so pleased with the individual choices they have made in their lives. To me, this is my greatest success story.

So now, I have expanded this passion of sharing my stories and experiences about the lack of self worth into a movement.  “Why a movement?”… you may ask. If you observe carefully, it will only take a couple of hours to answer the question for yourself.  Just be aware of the local and national reporting of the news, the high rating talk shows expose’ of personal tragedies, the challenges to govern ethically with a “servant’s heart” within our political arena, and the challenges in our schools to combat the aggression of bullying.  People need to know that they matter. It is no secret … hurting people hurt people.

No one person has all the answers. I certainly do not. On the contrary, I have more questions than answers. However, as a community sharing the uncompromising belief that God’s (or your Higher Being’s) creation of us was miraculous and intentional, then we can become ambassadors of this movement by first and foremost being the example in our daily lives. How do we do this? This website will become the platform for us to build community by sharing our stories, the good, bad and ugly, in an effort to learn from and inspire one another and to lovingly challenge one another to live EXTRAordinary lives EveryDay, knowing in our inner most being that WE are Miracles!

So join the Movement! Sign up for my email list, interact on my blog, offer suggestions and commit to following the “Intention of the Month.  For when we collectively see ourselves as a Miracle … we will see our Neighbor as a Miracle and will thereby, help each other to “be the change you wish to see in the world.”-Gandhi