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YOU have been fearfully and wonderfully made!
YOU are extraordinary and everyday is a gift that’s filled with a new opportunity to BE the Miracle that you’re seeking.

Bestselling Authors Lisa Nichols and Linda J. Davis hosted a night to remember during their Unbreakable Spirit book signing event!

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Best-selling authors, Lisa Nichols and Linda J. Davis hosted five I’m BOOKed!™ Scholars at their “Be the Miracle Every Day” book signing for their new book, “Unbreakable Spirit.” These Readers shared what they learned from Lisa’s and Linda’s stories of triumph against all odds and how reading has positively impacted their dreams.  Linda is an avid reader and has always encouraged her own children to read.  Her goal is to support literacy in the lives of other young people and to encourage them to Be the Miracle Every Day, by making a $100 deposit to their college savings accounts.

The I’m BOOKed!™ Reading Initiative exists to start a dream revolution by harnessing the power of inspiration to make kids Book Addicts. The I’m BOOKed!™ 30-Day Reading Challenge was piloted in Atlanta’s Pittsburgh Community October 9-November 6, 2011 with 30 Readers. They were mentored by authors and received rewards for participating in activities designed to get them hooked on books, the least of which was $100 cash. Readers who elected to deposit a minimum of $50 into a college savings account received a $25 match from the Credit Union of Atlanta. The results of this initiative have been astounding!

Join Bestselling author Linda J. Davis for a fabulous dinner celebration and unveiling of Linda’s newest book release, Be the Miracle!

Save the Date: Thursday, March 29th, 2012
Location: The Georgian Terrace Hotel, Piedmont Ballroom
659 Peachtree Street, NE, Atlanta, Georgia

Evening Schedule:
VIP Reception, 6pm – 6:45pm
Dinner and Entertainment, 7pm – 9pm