Expressing Your Feelings to Others Can Change the World

Think back on some memories you have of when you surprised someone by telling them out of the blue how much you mean to them. How did that person react? Did you send them an email, a hand-written note, or call them on the phone? How did you feel before, during and after?

I bet 10 out of 10 times, that person was overwhelmed with emotions of gratitude and love. That kind of love heals the world you know…

The reality is that it does not take much time at all to send someone a thank you note, or a “just thinking of you and appreciating you” note. The other reality is that your expression and kindness will light that person up like a Christmas tree and that positive feeling will transfer to everyone else they are in contact with. So why don’t we do this more often?

We tend to get so wrapped up in our lives – picking up the kids, rushing to the grocery store, making dinner, doing laundry, paying bills, returning phone calls, walking the dog… these “to dos” really pile up, don’t they? In a flash the day is near over and we need rest to do it all over again tomorrow.

If you are at a place in your life where you feel tired, or stressed, or too busy, or _____ consider stopping your routine, and sending someone you know (client, friend, etc) a note telling them how much they mean to you and why. You will not even believe the energy you gain from giving to another person in that way. And, you will swim in the joy for days after seeing their reaction.

Today I wanted to send a reminder to all of you (and me included) to keep stepping outside of our your experience to deliver expressions of love, respect and honor to those who choose to be in our lives. Especially this Mother’s Day… who can you reach out to who wouldn’t even expect it? Let’s honor the people in our lives – not just today or this week, but always.

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