Get Involved


I am honored that you are here.

Just the fact that you are here, confirms some interest in the subject matter. Your interest, no matter how big or small, tells me that the mission of this Movement is relevant.

The Mission: To transform ordinary living into EXTRAordinary living … the “EXTRA” is Being the Miracle EveryDay.

This is a Movement to experience the pure joy of living one day at a time. However, I need your help to accomplish this mission. How can you help?

I’m glad you asked. To answer your question, I have designed a step by step process, supported by “take action” items.

STEP 1: Get Involved: Join the Movement and Become an Ambassador.

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Before you can share the benefits of being an Ambassador, you must FIRST become one. The only requirement to becoming an Ambassador is knowing in your heart of hearts that YOU are a Miracle! … EveryDay.

I. Take Action: Sign up for the free “How to Be the Miracle EveryDay” eBook. In this eBook, I share the 3 steps to removing any doubts and fears that hold you back and how these steps can dramatically improve the quality of your life everyday.

II. Take Action: Sign up for the free “Celebrate YOU” video. In this video, I share a riveting passage to help you understand your purpose and how to uncover and celebrate your perfect self.

These bonus products will get you well on your way to living EXTRAordinary lives EveryDay when you adhere to the steps and instructions. To obtain your FREE bonus products, please register in the orange right sidebar signup box.


STEP 2: Stay Connected.

Commit to following the Intention of the Month. Monthly, I will post an Intention of the Month to keep us focused on Being the Miracle EveryDay.

I. Take Action: Share with everyone, by posting, how you managed the Intention of the Month or how the Intention of the Month managed you. This honest feedback will motivate and inspire everyone as well as offer up some possible laughter in the process.

You can click here and be taken to the Intention of the Month page to post your weekly experience of adhering to the Intention of the Month.

II. Take Action: Interact on my Blog. Here we can share, discuss, debate, or humbly disagree on topics that are relevant to Being the Miracle EveryDay.

Please click here and you will be taken to my Blog page to respond.


STEP 3: “Friend” Me!

Currently, I am a novice with social networking. Here’s your opportunity to take me to the next level. I am loving the idea of gaining so many friends who are interested in living their BEST lives EveryDay! So … Help a girl out!!


STEP 4: GOT Comments?

I want them. This website is designed for YOU in mind. So open your hearts and mind to share how WE are going to make this Movement happen.

Click here to offer any comments, questions, suggestions, or topics for discussion. So together we can create and energize this Movement to be the catalyst for Change in our day to day living and ultimately in the World!


STEP 5: Share Your Story.

We all have stories and life experiences to share in hopes to encourage, inspire, and motivate one another to keep on keeping on. We need each other’s stories of fortitude, success against the odds, living on purpose, and Being the Miracle EveryDay to know in our heart of hearts that WE MATTER!

Please click here to Share Your Story.


STEP 6: Make a Difference.

This is the result of all we do.

I. Take Action: Make it a habit to share your “AHA” moments to bless another individual. Pass on the victories, the knowledge gained, the new insight on life, to the Miracles you meet each day, one individual at a time.


My prayer for this Movement is that together we will realize its Mission: To transform ordinary living into EXTRAordinary living … the “EXTRA” is Being The Miracle EveryDay.

Thank You for your time and concern.

Linda J. Davis