God is Here

Please welcome my first guest article by a proud mother, wife, and manager in the health insurance industry who enjoys writing, reading, cooking and spending time with family and friends – Angela Davis Jarrett:

Just the other night, I was informed that my mother has entered the “next phase” of Alzheimer’s disease. As I sat on the phone listening to my sister (one of her primary caretakers in another state) tell me that she can no longer feed herself and is going to need more intense, round the clock care, my heart skipped a beat. My mother, who is 89-years-old, has been battling this awful disease for about six years now, with some ups and some downs but still the news was hard to hear.

As I wrestled with sleep that night, I dreamt several unsettling dreams one of which left me shaking and moaning in my sleep to the point where my husband grabbed and hugged me tightly, whispering in my ear, “I’m here”. As we left church the next day, I thought about the night before and remembered my husband’s words. I was reminded that God is also here. In the midst of my feelings of helplessness and despair, it is because of God’s goodness that I have the mother I have; a woman who is utterly amazing, having accomplished tremendous things in the face of many odds. My father worked several jobs and for most of my life, my mother stayed home and raised the family. She was a strong presence in our household and instilled many of the values in us that I am now trying to instill in my own children. Even today, after God’s, my mother’s voice is the loudest voice I hear when I am still and quiet, searching within for what is best and for the best of me.

As I grappled with the news, I was fearful of losing the mother I have learned from and loved all my life. Yet, I was comforted by what surely was the Holy Spirit, reminding me that God is always here. Everything we have in life, whether it be a compassionate and generous spouse, respectful and obedient children, and, yes, loving and devoted parents, all come from and, ultimately, belong to God. With the revelation that God is indeed here, I also know that all things, my mother included, belong to God and I accept His will for her. In releasing my fear and my mother’s fate to God, I have reaffirmed my faith. In His all-powerful presence; His abiding mercy and grace, I am truly blessed and am comforted. I will honor her by loving her, by being her daughter and by enjoying the time I have with her.

What is troubling you today? What is it that you need to hand over to God? Will you reaffirm your faith and be comforted? Trust TODAY that “ in all things God works for good to those who love Him and who have been called according to His purpose” Romans 8:28.

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  1. Adrienne M. says:

    Sometimes faith for me is like a blanket, sometimes it is like a coat of armor, and sometimes it is simply the glue of life that holds things together when nothing else can or will. While it doesn’t provide concrete solutions for me, it does cleanse me of fear and doubt. That is sufficient to provide comfort in difficult circumstances, and allows me to act in environments that are uncertain and undefined. It allows me to have a peace-filled spirit about outcomes I can’t predict or control. The more I see faith at work in other people’s lives, and the more I practice reliance on my faith, the more I am convinced of it’s power. I’m not sure how individuals live without it.

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