How to Fight off Challenges when Experiencing Change and Big Transition

People from all walks of life are coming together for our Be The Miracle EveryDay movement, and LOVING IT. They express their sense of renewed energy and are grateful for the reminder that they can do anything and BE anything.

Through several conversations, I’ve noticed a trend that many are experiencing BIG transitions and changes in their lives. Whether it be career changes, moving across country, relationship marriages or break-ups. Whatever the cause or opportunity, the transition is happening and with that, comes waves of emotion and challenge.

This is a time of exciting new possibilities. We have all the potential in the world. Yet sometimes we feel scared, unsure or doubtful that we are truly capable to accept the opportunities before us and succeed. We even sometimes recognize those feelings don’t hold true weight, but they are present and we are invited to handle them with courage and grace.

Accept that with great opportunity comes an equal and opposite challenge, which can present itself in the way of fear, doubt, loss, etc. By knowing that challenge will be present, we won’t be surprised by it. Instead, we can shift our perspective to welcome that challenge and understand it is there to give us motivation to carry ourselves to the mountain top.

The truth is, if you were NOT capable of succeeding at this big and exciting opportunity before you, it wouldn’t have come to you. YOU ARE ready. You are a miracle and you have all the tools and resources and passion and energy you need to sprint past those challenges and keeping heading toward that victory party.

Each day presents a new opportunity to keep going, keep trusting and keep supporting our vision and the vision of others. I’d like to invite you to watch a short video below titled, “The Secret to You.” It is extremely powerful and one you’ll want to keep in your back pocket for the future.

Whatever your transition or change, take it head on and don’t let anything or anyone get in your way. This is YOUR time.

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