How to Love Yourself Even When It’s Hardest

We are our toughest critics, aren’t we? We are human which means we make mistakes, we hurt people’s feelings, we get behind the ball at times. We are also incredible light beings who show up and try to make the world better by helping a depressed friend, caring for our family who suffers through health issues, or volunteering for a charity who fights for a good cause.

I’ve found that so many times we don’t give ourselves enough credit. Life is so difficult and we are constantly tested with challenges. Because of this intensity, we tend to believe we are never good enough. We just can’t quite please everyone, or fulfill our goals.

I am here today to tell you that you ARE good enough. Not only are you good enough, you are GREAT and you are a miracle. There is no one else on this planet that can care for a sick friend quite the way you can. There is no one else on Earth that can listen to others the way you do. There is no one else in the world who holds the same passion, wisdom, life experience, education, friendship, initiative, honor, faith and love… as you.

Life is not meant to be “easy” and why would you want that anyway? You would not grow, you would not be able to help others the way you can now, you would not be happy. You would be bored. Life’s challenges are our greatest fun and learning experience.

When life gets hard, this is when we experience lack, depression, anger and sadness. We feel emptier and not as strong. We feel “not good enough.” Those are some pretty heavy emotions, so how can we possibly love ourselves through all of that?!

I have a very simple answer. Just remember. Remember all of the moments in recent history or from long ago where you felt proud of yourself, where you gave back, where you acted out of love ‘just because.’ You will then feel strength because you will remember the feeling of being a good person who truly makes the world better. You will realize you ARE good enough; you are a miracle.

If you know of someone in your life right now who is going through a difficult time, please reach out to them and shower them with love and acceptance. Let them know it is OK to feel the way they do and that this too shall pass. In your time of need, draw on that memory to help you through your struggle.

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