If You’re Happy and You Know It…

…Give Back!

I tend to write articles around topics such as overcoming obstacles because that is generally what people are seeking and most open to receiving guidance. I have a deep desire to help serve and I gain such joy in my heart as a result. This energy allows me to keep spreading messages of hope and love to everyone I meet. My way of making the world a better place for our children.

But today, I want to offer a suggestion for those of you who are singing on your mountain top because life is going in a groove you enjoy. You know that feeling you have when you are so happy inside that you feel you might burst? You’re not even sure what to do with this feeling, but you wish you could bottle it up for a rainy day.

I have a suggestion. Take those moments and hold them dear because they are meant to be cherished and the memory does get us through the challenges. The best way I can think of to hold tight to a fabulous memory is to give back. Show your gratitude by helping someone in need.

One of my dearest friends did something amazing this past Christmas which really stuck with me. She took out $1200 in cash from the bank, clung tight to her boyfriend, and together they walked right into a Toys R Us in one of the more broken parts of the city.

They stood in a long line at the customer service counter and quietly observed their surroundings. She described that you could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Mothers yelling at their children, a major lack of awareness or care in most people, babies crying with no one trying to comfort them… it was heart wrenching. My friend came from a very healthy family and a had a very blessed life so you can imagine the difference.

When they arrived at the front of the line, the couple explained how they were there with cash, wanting to pay off some layaway accounts for Christmas. At first, there was utter confusion from the customer service agent and eventually a manager was called over. The manager explained that there were two layaway accounts that were past due as of today, totaling $100 if they would like to pay those off. With a smile, the couple said they wanted to pay off a whole lot more than just those two accounts.

Over the next three hours, five people were on the case trying to pick what turned out to be seventeen families who would have their entire accounts paid off, in full, by some nameless couple. Just in time for Christmas.

Now THAT is an example of a special way to give back when you’re feeling blessed in your life. You could volunteer at a veteran’s hospital, aid in a soup kitchen, spend one afternoon in an after-school program. The point is, when you feel good and blessed, let that be a reminder to you that it is time to show your gratitude and give back (in a big or small way – doesn’t matter). Be the miracle in someone else’s life. I bet you this, more good will come your way as a result. Then the cycle just continues.

Do you have a story of giving back? Do you have an impression on this story? I would love to hear your comments by using the form below. I thank you for your time.

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