November 20 – 26, 2011

When our acceptance exceeds our expectation,
our joy is not disturbed.

To be intentional simply means to be purposefully focused. It is not by accident, but by design, that my first Intention of the Month is during the week of Thanksgiving.

The Intention of the Month, as we yet again make preparations to gather and feast on the traditional holiday cuisine with our family and friends, is:

To intentionally accept one another as the Miracles we are, for when we see ourselves as a Miracle … we will see our Neighbor as a Miracle.

Enjoy and be Thankful for your family and friends.

Be You … Be Grateful … Be Present.


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One Response to November 20 – 26, 2011

  1. Shawna Lewis says:

    This is a great website with uplifting words! So proud of you and your accomplishment!

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