One of the Greatest Miracles

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own experience of life – work stress, family fun, love – that we aren’t always aware of our surroundings. You have people in your life right now, possibly your best friend or your sister, who are experiencing a very challenging time and are secretly praying for your awareness to support them when they need it most.

It is human instinct not to beg for support (even if we want to shout it from the rooftops). We don’t want to burden anyone, we don’t even know if we are ‘good enough’ to request such support. So really, we would be wise to understand that everyone around us needs us more than we initially think they do.

One of the greatest miracles is being there for someone when they truly need us the most, without them having to ask. God shines through you in those moments and delivers the perfect message that person needs to hear. You become God’s messenger for the critical message that person needs to hear to boost their self-esteem, to gain confidence or validation, to get back up and keep going.

You see, we have no idea the role that person plays in our world. If we “miss the moment” to support, due to our own lack of awareness, then the message may not be delivered and that person may not be confident enough to help someone else in need. The ripple effect of our actions, and those of others, is tremendous. Do you feel the responsibility now?

YOU are a miracle and YOU were put here to become the very BEST version of yourself to live a happy life and help as many people as humanly possible along your journey.

We can only do so much though, right? How are we supposed to live our lives AND help all of these other people around us. Well in my view, I gain strength and energy by helping others. The more I am present for you and the more I see it helping, the more I feel the grace of God and the strength of an army. It is that effort I put in which fuels my ability to take on more in my life and pull it all off. Those who serve are protected. They must be so they can keep serving.

Today I invite you to experience one of the greatest miracles there is… reach out to a friend or family member and ask how they are really doing – just because. Open that door and if they need you, walk through the door and be there to deliver that message to them. Don’t worry, it will come to you when the moment is right. And when it does, you’ll see this emotion of peace and relief wash over your loved one. That is when you know the miracle was preformed through you.

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