Overcoming Tremendous Emotion and Change

“The best way out is always through.”

…Robert Frost said this, and he was right.

We have all heard advice about making each moment count, living life to the fullest, not taking the good times for granted… but do we really live that way? We get so busy in the routines of life that sometimes we forget to slow down and be present to fully experience our surroundings.

Life is a tricky challenge and we just never know when our course will change. All of a sudden, we grasp to our seats and start the journey of healing from a broken relationship, the loss of a loved one, the fear that takes over from losing a job. Whatever the challenge may be, we are usually left feeling a little helpless and out of control of our emotions and state of mind. We just want off the ride of ‘not feeling like ourselves’ yet there doesn’t seem to be a lasting solution when we are in the thick of these emotions.

You have maybe heard of the 7 stages of grief which include denial, guilt, anger, loneliness, and so on. If we are on stage 2, we cannot unfortunately fast forward to the end and feel better. Some will try through covering up how they feel, or stuffing their emotions deep down. This behavior will always lead to over-indulging in things like food, alcohol, etc. – Unhealthy outlets.

Robert Frost, Winston Churchill and many others have given the fantastic and true advice that the only way through what you are feeling is to feel it.

We must cry when we feel the need to cry. We must rest when we feel the need to rest. We must get busy when we feel the energy to get busy. The reality is that when you are experiencing tremendous emotion or change, our bodies are working overtime to process and heal. We don’t have a clue the true amount of energy this takes, so we must get really good at just listening to our bodies and doing what it’s asking.

By continuing to walk down the new path this journey has in store for us, one step at a time, one day at a time, we will get closer to feeling more like ourselves again. Do not rush the process, just sit with it and allow it to take its course.

Don’t ever forget that YOU are a MIRACLE. You already have the tools in your toolbox to overcome any challenge that comes you way (whether you realize it yet or not).

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