THANK YOU____________!

A simple, yet endearing, way to spread the Holiday Cheer without breaking out the plastic or the wrapping paper is to … say Thank you with a smile, eyeball to eyeball to those who provide an invaluable service during the holiday season.

How many times during this season do we come in contact with people who provide a service to us? Everywhere we go they can be spotted, opening doors, ringing up our groceries, locating a particular item we can’t seem to find on the shelf, parking our cars, taking our orders, carrying our groceries to the car, and the list can go on for three additional paragraphs. But I think, by now, you get the idea.

Here comes the Major question, how often do we take the time to look into their eyes and say thank you with a smile??  A great added feature would be to glance at their name tag, then, look into their eyes and say “thank you________” with a smile.

The Intention for the Week

Help to celebrate those who serve us especially during the holidays by:

Looking into their eyes and saying, with a smile, “Thank you _______”.


I will love to hear about the reactions you get when you authentically interact with those who provide such a valuable service to us. Post a message on my Facebook wall and share your thoughts!

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