Where are You Standing?

I use to wear my relationship with my mother like an albatross around my neck; the more I focused on the negative the heavier it became. I even had the habit of wearing it like some piece of jewelry, showing it and explaining it to anyone who would listen. Anyone who would take my side and contribute to the pity party, in my honor, became a welcomed participant.

In retrospect, I was standing IN my story instead of standing ON my story!

The difference between standing IN your story as oppose to standing ON your story is simple … standing IN, you remain a Victim …  standing ON, you realize the Blessings.

I encourage you, this very moment, to take inventory—where are you standing?

My mother, in her own, way tried to prepare me for the challenges of this world. I only saw how strict and stern she was and reflected those feelings as a lack of love. Needless to say, I am what I am today because of the way I was raised.

Therefore, I am here today standing ON my story in hopes that I will inspire someone who may still have the challenge of standing IN their story.

Can you identify a challenge in your life that you have been struggling with for awhile? Does it weigh you down when you talk about it? Try to look at the challenge through the lens of self development. What has this challenge developed in you that was not there before the challenge?  What have you learned as a result of the challenge?

We all have challenges in life, some may come in different situations and packaging. We all have scars from our past. We all, without much contemplation, can blame those scars on someone.  Healing begins when we change our position of stance, standing IN or standing ON.

Call to Action

Identify your challenge. View it from a lens of self development. Acknowledge the lessons learned and STAND ON your STORY.  I would love to hear your stories.

Where Are You Standing?

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